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How to Select the correct flower girl dress size

Taking measurements on your child in order to select the right flower girl dresses are simple. Grab your tape measure and follow along.

1. The chest measurement is taken just under the armpit. Wrap the entire tape measure around the childs torso. Make sure that you can loosly fit two fingers under the front of the tape measure.

2. The waist measurement is taken two finger widths above the bellybutton. Find this spot and wrap the tape measure around the torso. Make sure you can loosly fit two fingers under the plastic.

3. The length is taken from the middle of the shoulder to the ankle or knee. Remember, the length of a dress is going to be dependant on the height of the child. If the size chart states 32 inches in length, place the tape measure on the top of the childs shoulder and 32 inches following the torso to the floor will be the hem of the dress.

flower girl dress measurements
flower girl princess measurements2

Now that you have your measurements. Lets talk about which dress to select.

As an over all guideline a size 2 will fit a two year old, and a size 4 will fit most four year old girls. Most every dress in our inventory has been measured by us from the actual garment. A dress cut can vary as much as 1 inch smaller or larger. It is very important that you select a size that is 1.5 to 2 inches larger than your childs measurements.

Remember, it is not useful to ask if a dress is floor length or ankle length since the height of each child can vary for each age. Notice if your dress has a sash tie in the back. If this is the case dont worry too much if the waist measurement seems a bit large. These fat over sized sashes can take in several inches at the waist without the need to make alterations. If one is intending to make alterations remember it is easier to take a garment in than it is to take it out.

One other point to consider when shopping for your flower girl dress is that your wedding ceremony may be several months away. Take time to consider any growth spurts that might happen. Six an ten year olds will sprout overnight sometimes. A flower girl dress that is an inch or two too short might be noticeable, however and inch or two long is almost never noticeable. For more questions you may have in making your girls dress selection read our faqs page communion dresses

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